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Passcode Management

Sensitive functions of the terminal are protected by passcodes.

Merchant Passcode

The Merchant Passcode is used to restrict sensitive settings on the device. It will be prompted for when required and should only be provided to staff members who need to:

Refund & MOTO

The Refund passcode is used to protect financial functions you may wish to restrict to certain staff members. The Refund Passcode should be provided to staff who need to:

Setting Passcodes

Passcodes are set in Cloud EFTPOS. To change your passcode:

  1. Navigate to and log-in.
  2. Go to terminals and select your terminal.
  3. Select the cog icon in top right of screen and Configure Payment terminal
  4. Select the PASSCODES tab
  5. Enter your Merchant and Refund passcodes.
  6. Select Save

Multiple terminals

If your business has multiple terminals, you can set your passcodes at a Location or Company level. Simply select the level you wish to set your passcodes at and follow step 3. onward. All terminals in the same Location / Company will then inherit the same passcodes.