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Power Management

Switching On / Off, Waking Up

Switching On

To switch on the terminal, press the large 'ENTER' button for a few seconds. Once the display turns on, release the button and allow 2 minutes for the terminal to load. The battery may be depleted if the terminal does not turn on as expected. Place the terminal on the recharge dock and wait 5-10 minutes. The terminal will start automatically once it has enough battery charge to begin the startup process.

Waking Up

If the terminal is ON but the display is dim or OFF, simply press any key on keypad to wake the terminal up (display will turn on immediately).

Switching On

To switch off the terminal, enter the menu by tapping the on-screen 'Menu' button (3 horizontal lines). Then tap the Power icon button to power down the terminal.

Your terminal will stay on whilst on charge

If you attempt to turn off the terminal whilst it's on charge on the dock or using a cable, the terminal will restart automatically after a short period. This is normal behaviour. If you want the terminal off completely, then remove terminal from the dock, or unplug the cable.

Rebooting the Terminal if Unresponsive

In the rare event that the terminal is on but unresponsive, a reboot can be triggered by holding down the 'ENTER' button and then holding the 'CANCEL' button simultaneously. When the screen goes blank, release all buttons. This action is a last resort if terminal is unresponsive.

Charging the Terminal

Your terminal will include either a USB cable and power supply or a QT850 charge dock accessory.

Upon receiving your terminal, fully charge the terminal's battery using either option.

About the Lithium-Ion Battery

For portability, your terminal is powered by a rechargeable, high-energy Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 3040mAh. The battery management system features a fuel gauge, so the user always has accurate information on battery status. You can charge the battery by placing the terminal on its charging dock. As Lithium-Ion batteries do not suffer from being continuously charged, you can do so without affecting the battery performance.

Avoid running the terminal down to 0% charge. Lithium-ion batteries prefer to be 'topped up' to maximise their service life. Having said that, batteries should be seen as consumable, and at some point can be easily swapped for a new battery. Contact our support team if you require a replacement battery.

!!! tip " If you charge the Battery by connecting a USB-C cable to a PC or USB Adaptor, it will take longer to charge than the dedicated terminal charge dock.

Charging via USB

  1. Plug your USB cable into the provided power adaptor or PC.
  2. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the terminal as per below.

alt text

Charging via QT850 Charge Dock

Setting up the Dock

The QT850 charge dock is supplied with a 12V Power Supply. Connect the 12V Power Supply to the round socket underneath the dock, feeding the cable through the retention channel. Plug the 12V Power Supply into a power outlet and switch on power. The orange light on the dock will illuminate once power is supplied.

Charging using the Dock

Simply place the terminal onto the charge dock. The electrical contacts on the dock will make contact with the matching electrical pads on the terminal and begin recharging.

alt text

Only use the power supply provided with your terminal or dock

Only use the power supply provided with your terminal / QT850 charge dock. Using another power supply may cause damage, fire or electrical shock and void your warranty.

Charge for minimum of 3 hours on first use

Total first-time charge period using the dock should be a minimum of 3 hours (whilst not being used).

Understanding the Status Light

The status light is positioned above the display in the top left hand corner. In a cordless terminal, the status light indicates battery charging status, and alerts of a critically low capacity battery. See table for more detail:

LED Colour LED State LED Meaning
- Off terminal is ON, not charging, Battery is >25%
Orange Solid terminal not on charge. Battery is Low. <25%
Orange Rapid Flash. (0.5s ON, 0.5s OFF, repeat) terminal not on charge. Battery is critically low. <10%
Orange Slow pulse Battery is put on charge in dock or Cable is connected. Battery level is 0%-25% . When 25% charge is reached, pulsing changes to Green.
Green Slow pulse Battery is charging on dock or using USB cable. Battery charge level is 25%-99%
Green Solid Battery is 100%. terminal is on dock or has Cable connected
Green Intermittent Flash (0.1s ON, 0.1s OFF, 0.1s ON, 5s OFF, repeat) terminal is in Sleep mode. Battery charge level is >25%. If terminal is awoken, LED turns OFF.