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Fitting a Paper Roll

Genuine Quest paper rolls have a pink marking towards the very end of the paper roll. When you see this marking it's nearly time to change your paper roll.

Wait for print to finish

If the terminal is trying to print, wait for the operation to finish before commencing a change over.

To insert a new roll:

  1. Open the Printer door by pinching the door on both sides with two (2) fingers. Pull backwards to rotate open.
  2. Remove any leftover paper and discard.
  3. With a new roll, unpick the roll's start (usually glued down). Place the roll in the cavity, ensuring that the paper is feeding off the underneath of the roll.
  4. Before closing the lid, pull out a small amount of paper, then close the lid by pressing on the 'Q' icon in the middle area of the Printer Door. The lid is closed once you hear and feel a 'Click'.
  5. Tear off excess paper by either pulling paper from one side toward you, or push away from you (pulling is recommended).
  6. Optionally, open the Menu, and press the Feed button.

Paper being inserted into printer hatch of terminal

Feeding paper

A short feed out of fresh paper roll will confirm the paper is installed correctly and ready to print the next customer receipt without issue.

The Feed paper button can be accessed: 1. Select the Menu icon from the top left of the screen 2. Dashboard 3. Feed paper

Press menu

Alternatively, you can use the PRINT LAST option to test.

Reprinting receipts

To reprint the previous receipt:

  1. Select the menu icon on the top left of the amount entry screen.
  2. Select Last Transaction
  3. Select Print

Ordering paper rolls

Contact support to order additional paper rolls.

Coreless Paper Rolls

Your terminal utilises custom 'coreless' paper rolls. This provides a long paper length within a small roll and allows the terminal a slim, ergonomic design. Coreless paper rolls are not commonly available from office supply stores, so obtain your rolls by contacting our support team to ensure they will fit within the terminal printer hatch.