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Security Obligations

PIN Shielding

To maintain the privacy of your customer's PIN (Personal Identification Number), ensure the following obligations are implemented:

  • Install any security cameras so that it’s not possible to view or record the PIN entry process.
  • Display instructions for the cardholders to shield the PIN entry with their body or free hand.

Securing the Terminal to Prevent Theft

All variants of the QT850 Payment terminal include a reinforced Kensington slot that enable attachment of the industry standard Kensington security cable. Kensington Cables provide a secure method to also secure other high value electronic devices, including laptops and LCD displays.

Kensington lock attachment

Device Maintenance & Repair

If someone arrives on site to inspect or maintain a Quest payment terminal, the following procedure should be followed:

  • The date, time, reason for visit, serial number(s) of devices accessed, and the name and signature of the visitor should be recorded in a journal that is stored in a restricted access area.
  • The credentials of the person should be visually inspected and their presence on site should be verified with a person within the organisation responsible for such site visits.

Devices requiring repair are to be returned to the Quest Repair Centre. During the repair process Quest will ensure that all bank keys are removed from the device.

Procedure if the Device is Stolen

If your terminal is stolen, please call the support team immediately for remote deactivation. Acting promptly will help to reduce potential fraud.

End of Life Obligation

Payment terminals contains sensitive bank details. At end of life, your terminal must be returned for secure disposal. Contact the support team to arrange for your terminal to be returned and disposed in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

Send hardware returns to:

Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd
Service Centre
227 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122